Why must i go to a cemms centre?

it is all about your safety!

SASSO comes with almost 6000 bariatric surgeries performed nationwide plus accumulating over 15 years of on-hands accreditation training. CEMMS centres are accredited through our process and can be found here

As a patient you might be flooded by "rogue" accreditation facilities. 


Our position statement on rogue accreditation in South Africa is as follows:


All forms of accreditation provided by a profit gaining organisation is not in alliance with he protocol and values of the Health Professions Council of South Africa.  It is strongly rejected as it is unethical that a company can randomly issue false certificates of accreditation to surgeons with no proper training in the management of obesity treatment and with no clinical teams to support the patients during pre- and post- care.


SASSO’s mission statement is the following:


  • To advocate against the exploitative treatment modalities of the underprivileged South African population, in the field of obesity.


  • To promote fair and honorable practice, to discourage or prevent malpractice or professional misconduct, and to ensure the highest clinical, ethical and scientific standards in the delivery of healthcare.


  • To seek affiliation/accreditation with international bodies to ensure the best possible exchange of information/accreditation in the study of the epidemiological, metabolic, nutritional, pharmacological, surgical, behavioral and educational aspects of obesity and its treatment.


  • To promote involvement in medical education and research, and support academic excellence in the field of metabolic medicine and surgery.


  • To develop medical leadership and skills amongst all medical doctors practicing metabolic medicine and surgery.


  • To maintain, protect, advance, and extend the honor, interest, and standing of the medical profession involved with metabolic medicine and surgery.


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