Busting Open The Dam Wall Of Water Myths

I frequently hear patients talking about how they drink five to six litres of water every day. Now, the first thing to realise is that if you have the need to drink that amount of water a day then you may have clinical diabetes already. It is vital (in this case) for you to first check your fasting blood sugar levels as well as your blood sugar levels two hours after eating to rule that out.

If you complete the aforementioned and come out clean then you very may well be at the receiving end of a large amount of brainwashing from the media and primarily ketotic diets that promotes drinking an obscenely large volume of water a day.

It is simply any form of starvation or high protein - low carbohydrate diet. These diets are often prescribed together with a high volume of water consumption in order to protect the doctors or dieticians from any form of medical litigation as a result of the consequences that you may suffer as a result of the excess of ketones that your body forms rather than because your body actually needs that much water. Do not fall into the three, four, five, or six litres a day trap unless you are a long distance athlete that needs excessive rehydration.

Any human being needs approximately two and a half litres of liquid a day. This number does not include dehydrating liquids such as coffee. Do not expose your stomach to excessively large glasses of water on a daily basis as it contains stretch fibres that will eventually become very used to being in their stretched out state and will simply not return to their normal positions. You will simply end up with what is known in the medical industry as a large-volume stomach.

Learn to sip water in small amounts all the time. Should you be a rather frequent coffee-drinker, beware. Although coffee in a small amount has certain health benefits, more than one (maximum two) cups of coffee on a daily basis is not healthy as it has an incredibly dehydrating effect. If you cannot avoid excess consumption, at least try to compensate by drinking one hundred millilitres of water for every one hundred millilitres of coffee that you drink. The same is true for alcohol.

Stay away from green tea and ginger tea, particularly if you suffer from repeated heartburn and acid reflux. Green tea has not been proven to possess nearly as many mythical properties as people would like to believe. There are, in fact, some of the white teas and black teas such as pure oolong tea that has a far higher antioxidant count than any other green tea. If you are a bariatric patient, you need to avoid green and ginger teas at all times as this will be excessively stimulating on the gastrointestinal tract and can even cause dumping.

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