Festive Season (Over)Eating

If you have gained more than five percent of your initial weight then you need to return to your previous eating habits with immediate effect. Do not leave it until February, March, or April as it will become progressively harder to return to that disciplined eating regimen.

If you have gained more than ten percent of your initial body weight then you need to consult with your physician or general practitioner with immediate effect as you will have already increased your risk of developing one of the diseases associated with obesity. In the event that this aforementioned weight gain has pushed you over a BMI of 35 then you need to contemplate visiting a Centre of Excellence for more expert opinions and advice.

It is not about the one festive treat a day. It is about the repeated festive treats and alcohol that is consumed on a daily basis during the festive season.

Alcohol in particular is a big culprit. On average, one glass of white wine will add two hundred calories to your meal. A glass of red wine is roughly three hundred calories per meal. A large beer can add up to four hundred calories per meal. Spirits (depending on the mixer and amount) can add anything from one hundred and fifty to four hundred calories per meal. It therefore goes without saying that if you have consumed alcohol on a daily basis during the festive season you would have accumulated a rather significant surplus of calories. In the future, contain your alcohol intake rigidly.

If you are struggling to do this, please visit your physician or a Centre of Excellence as you may already be sub-acutely addicted to liquor.

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