Aspartame: A Clear Perspective

It should be clear to us that there are hundreds; if not thousands of rumors, fads and untruths being published and spread. We felt that it was necessary to address the irrational fear that has been circulating regarding aspartame that you find in your non-nutritive sweeteners.

According to word-of-mouth and social media circulations the following is said to be associated with the intake of aspartame:

  1. Brain damage in children

  2. Lower IQ in children

  3. Headaches

  4. Odd thoughts and emotional patterns

  5. Fibromyalgia

  6. Multiple sclerosis

  7. Parkinsons

  8. Alzheimers

It is very important to understand that none of these claims are true. The pseudo scientific research that is often referred to when listing these boogey man effects is not inline with scientific benchmark and standard.

The European Food Safety Authority did an in-depth review of aspartame in 2013 showing that the substance was safe for use in everybody including pregnant women. The only outlier would be people who suffer from the genetic PKU condition. If you have this diet-restricting problem you will be very aware of it. Media is run with sensationalism in the driver’s seat and many individuals with much to say on the subject are often unqualified. Also note that industries try and push lies in order to advance their own motives and products.

Please be well rested regarding the safety of aspartame. If all valid research is showing that the substance is consumable; then why is it necessary to listen to pseudo-research (that is manipulated by other motives) that does not hold even nearly the same scientific validity?

The CEMMS Waterfall City Team Under the Guidance of Prof Tess

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