Red Alert: "The Secret Fat Burner"

One of the latest products that has gone viral on social media is "The Secret Fat Burner." This is a highly dangerous substance! Numerous patients have been reported with symptoms of an overactive thyroid due to this substance being consumed.

SEMDSA has taken the liberty of having this trendy product tested by an accredited laboratory and it was found that the following substances were found:

1. Hydrochlorothiazide

2. Sibutramine

3. Levothryroxine (T4)

4. Triiodothyronine (T3)

These substances are not listed on the packaging of the product or the inner leaflet. Patients who have taken this widely available product has shown signs of:

1. Palpitations

2. Anxiety

3. Heat intolerance

4. Aggravation of hypertension and cardiac complications (atrial fibrillation and cardiac failure)

If the product is stopped then the thyroid should function normally within a few weeks. Cardiac complications could need further treatment by a specialist.

If you know of healthcare practitioners prescribing this product, please contact the HPCSA with immediate effect as this is an unlawful practice. If a loved one, colleague or peer is using this product then do not hesitate to inform them of the danger this product holds.They should immediately consult with a healthcare provider regardless of the period of time they have used this product. Refer them to this blog link or have them contact SEMDSA at

This product has been especially popular on social media during the last few weeks. It is crucial that the facts are being made known!

Be safe and spread the word!

Prof Tess van der Merwe

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