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accreditation never happens in isolation

Both the facility and the surgeon (as well as his or her team of medical professionals such as the endocrinologist) is involved in the 2-3 year training process that determines accreditation. The first step is for the surgeon to have a logbook signed off by the hospital manager with at least 75 laparoscopic surgeries. After this, the best route is to contact us to start the accreditation journey. 



Facility Requirements: 


Operating theatre table with higher weight capacity

Patient Lifts

Ceiling-mounted booms


Open MRI

CT scan, X-ray and other diagnostic equipment as well as software

Equipment with higher weight capacity

Hospital and Ward:

Larger Doorways

Redesigned patient rooms

Floor-mounted bathroom fixtures

New exam space


Exam tables with higher weight capacity

Armless waiting room chairs

High-capacity scales

ICU and floor beds with higher weight capacity

Patient lifts

Heavy-duty wheelchairs

Large gowns

Large blood pressure cuffs

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