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frequently asked questions

i have a complaint about the care received at a bariatric care facility. what exactly must i do?

If this is a case of alleged neglect then the HPCSA must be contacted immediately either by you or a legal professional. You can find their details here. If you need advice regarding a medical situation you can contact SASSO for advice and guidance. Please ensure that you rather receive care from a SASSO accredited centre primarily. You can find the list of centers around South Africa here

why is it important to receive care at an accredited facility?

It is vital as these centers are regulated by international standards. This will promote a safer surgical experience as well as to avoid receiving care from a fly-by-night unit where care is diminished and complications and unsafe practices are higher in risk. There are many unaccredited and untrained bariatric units in South Africa- do not fall into this trap!

i am a doctor interested in becoming trained and accredited. what is my next step?

It is very important to ensure that you meet all the accreditation standards first. Kindly note that the accreditation process takes 2-3 years, if not longer. Therefore it is best to contact SASSO to familiarize yourself with the process and to take matters from there. 

i want to familiarize myself with obesity. where can I find information? 

Our website  has been designed and curated to be an informative nutshell of information surrounding obesity, metabolism, bariatric care and health. You can familiarize yourself with our content; alternatively if you have specific questions please contact us directly. Please note that no "email consultations" will be performed. If you are struggling with a medical condition or ailment you have to seek out a medical professional near you. 

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