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Where to start?

It is essential for all patients contemplating bariatric surgery to understand that the most important aspect of the journey will be their preparation and follow-up by a very experienced and accredited team, headed up by an endocrinologist.


The team you decide on should include:

An endocrinologist,


Psychologist and



Although the surgery may be the most momentous part of the treatment, it is by no means the most important. Searching the internet for an experienced surgeon should not be the criteria by which you look for your future bariatric treatment. 


It is unlikely that a truly top class surgeon will be performing bariatric surgery in isolation. Before you engage in securing your appointment with a surgeon, first acquire information regarding the endocrinologist heading up the team, his/her level of experience and that of the rest of the team members. 


Many heartaches, frustration, unhappiness and misperception can be prevented by going through stringent preparation and follow up. Patients who prefer to pursue their own adaptation of the recommendations will end up with difficulties. In such cases, they should return to their team for support. Any doctor and hospital worthy of SASSO accreditation will always strive to keep the complications to the bare minimum. This can only be done successfully if the patient is prepared and followed by an endocrinologist experienced in bariatric medicine and a surgeon with the necessary experience, compassion and expertise. 

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