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  • To further the scientific study and clinical practice of, and to promote research into all aspects of obesity, metabolism and its co-morbid conditions;

  • To facilitate and assist in services provided to the Members, public and industry by SASSO such as call centers, conferences, workshops and websites and other aspects determined by SASSO from time to time;

  • To affiliate with similar national and international societies or federations as identified by SASSO from time to time;

  • To focus attention on and encourage the study of obesity and metabolism in Southern Africa including its causes, manifestations and prevention, a treatment strategy including lifestyle, pharmaceutical therapy and surgery;

  • To assist and aid identified underprivileged scientists/doctors capable of embracing the spectrum of scientific disciplines and health care guidelines that serves as part of the mission in basic and applied research as well as management, in the field of interest in which SASSO is active;

  • To encourage and co-ordinate research into all facets of the prevention and management of obesity and be the leaders in this regard;

  • To promote a better public and professional understanding of obesity, its forms and its consequences and the contribution which its treatment and prevention can make to public health and fitness;

  • To advocate against the exploitative treatment modalities of the underprivileged South African population in the field of obesity

  • To seek affiliation/accreditation with international bodies to ensure the best possible exchange of information/accreditation in the study of the epidemiological, metabolic, nutritional, pharmacological, surgical, behavioral and educational aspects of obesity and its treatment;

  • To grant to duly elected and appointed board members such relevant benefits, rights, responsibilities or privileges as which may be necessary for or incidental to the fulfillment of the objectives of SASSO;

  • To perform all such tasks as may be necessary for or incidental to the objectives of SASSO;

  • To endorse accreditation of its Centre of Excellence Members for services, education and practice (including surgical privileging and proctoring) through CEMMS (SA) or various affiliated bodies, both locally and internationally, and/or other educational institutions from time to time;

  • To endorse the affiliation of CEMMS(SA) with business partners that may be deemed necessary for the development of the objectives of SASSO.

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